Prognostic Factors and Their Effects on Mortality in Traumatic Acute Subdural Haematoma


  • Mehmet Kılınçaslan Polatlı Hospital, Neurosurgery Department Ankara.
  • Hulagu Kaptan Ulus Hospital, Neurosurgery Department Ankara
  • Mustafa İlhan Gazi University School of Medicine, Department of Public Health Ankara
  • Ömür Kasımcan Ulus Hospital, Neurosurgery Department Ankara.
  • Kutay Çakıroğlu Gazi Hospital, Neurosurgery Department Ankara.
  • Celal Kılıç Ankara Education and Research Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, Ankara.


Traumatic Acut Subdural Hematoma, mortality, trauma


Objective: To present our series of 37 cases of traumatic acute subdural hematoma (ASDH) with regard to their prognostic factors and characteristics affecting mortality in Dr. Muhittin Ülker Emergency Traumatology and Research Hospital Neurosurgical Clinic between 1998-2003.

Methods: Hospital records were reviewed with regard to age, gender, types of trauma, time to surgery, Glasgow Coma Score (GCS), other systemic injuries which require surgical intervention, localisation, additional cerebral pathologies and operation types.

Results: 59,5% of the cases were male, 40,5% of the cases were female and average age was 49,6 (range 8-77). The most frequent cause was traffic accidents. The most frequent location was frontotemporoparietal (43,2%). Midline shift was present in 94,5% of the cases. Preoperative GCS score was 8 or less in 64,8 % of the cases. Mortality was significantly higher in this group (p<0.0001). The most frequent pathology accompanying ASDH was hemorrhagic contusion (35,1%). 32% of the cases were operated within the first four hours. Mortality rate in this group was significantly lower (p=0.009). Overall, 32.4 % of the patients had a good outcome.

Conclusion: Traumatic acute subdural haematoma is a very serious health problem with very high mortality and morbidity rates. Early surgical intervention within four hours improves outcome.


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Kılınçaslan M, Kaptan H, İlhan M, Kasımcan Ömür, Çakıroğlu K, Kılıç C. Prognostic Factors and Their Effects on Mortality in Traumatic Acute Subdural Haematoma. J Nervous Sys Surgery [Internet]. 2008 Dec. 30 [cited 2024 Jul. 25];1(4):214-9. Available from:



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